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WISE Los Angeles Welcomes ocV!BE as a New Corporate Partner


WISE Los Angeles is excited to welcome ocV!BE as our newest corporate partner, further strengthening our mission to empower women in the business of sports.

This collaboration represents a significant step towards achieving our goals and enhancing opportunities for our members.

ocV!BE is a one-of-a-kind immersive district in the heart of Orange County that goes beyond an entertainment and commercial hub. The district serves to bring people together through shared experiences and everyday inspiration through an unparalleled guest experience designed to draw them back again and again. The entire district will be built in phases, with the goal of ocV!BE serving as a showcase for the Summer Olympics when Honda Center hosts indoor volleyball. As of today, the first phase of the project will open to the public in 2026.

At WISE, our mission is to empower women in the business of sports, providing them with the tools they need to reach their career goals. Through peer support, mentoring programs, and professional development, we strive to maximize the potential of our members at every stage of their professional journeys.

By partnering with ocV!BE, we are aligning our efforts with their commitment to creating a dynamic and inclusive community for those in the greater LA-area sports business. Together, we will work towards fostering an environment where women in sports can thrive, building a stronger, more diverse industry.

ocV!BE's immersive district offers a range of opportunities that resonate with our members:

Music and Entertainment Venues From the iconic Honda Center arena, outdoor amphitheater, and a 6,000-person concert venue to multiple clubs and unique immersive spaces, here you’ll find the perfect place to host various events, including those that highlight the achievements and contributions of women in sports.

Culinary Experiences: With over 20 new restaurants, six bars, and a bustling market hall, ocV!BE celebrates Orange County's regional and independent food culture. Our partnership can create opportunities for networking events and gatherings, where members can connect, exchange ideas, and build relationships. 

Collaborative Office Space: ocV!BE offers one million square feet of high-tech office space designed for innovators and collaborators who share the values and vision of ocV!BE. This space can serve as a hub for women in sports, providing an environment for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaborative initiatives.

Public Parks and Outdoor Spaces: The 20 acres of public parks, trails, plazas, and open spaces at ocV!BE are accessible to all, providing opportunities for members to engage in outdoor activities and enjoy a vibrant community atmosphere.

By leveraging the resources and opportunities offered by ocV!BE, we aim to enhance our programming, events, and networking opportunities for our members, especially in the Orange County area. This partnership will enable us to expand our reach and empower even more women in the business of sports.

We would like to express our gratitude to ocV!BE for their commitment to supporting our mission and helping us create a more inclusive and diverse industry. Together, we will continue to advance the careers of women in sports and shape the future of our industry.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this partnership, please feel free to reach out to us at or on social media @WISELosAngeles

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to the WISE mission. We look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!

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