We invite you to join us in pursuing racial equality. Below is a list of resources aggregated by members of the WISE LA Community.





  • “Black women have continued to make significant inroads in many disciplines yet remain one of few demographic groups that must advocate for themselves to receive consistent and high-quality care.” Source here.
  • “The history of Black women's access to health care and treatment by the U.S. medical establishment, particularly in gynecology, contributes to the present-day health disadvantages of Black women.” Source here.
  • “Infant mortality rates for children born to non-Hispanic Black women are twice as high as those for children born to non-Hispanic White women.” Source here.
  • Insights on Serena Williams and her terrifying experience as a Black mother giving birth that rolls into the systemic issues uncovered over the years that impact Black mothers and their survival rates in comparison to white mothers: America Is Failing Its Black Mothers 
  • More and more athletes are prioritizing mental health, led by top athletes like Serena Williams and Simone Biles who also featured in Forbes top 10 highest paid female athletes in 2021. Source here.
Please contact us if you are open to sharing your experience, provide additional resources for members, or have ideas on effective ways for our WISE LA community to make a positive impact.