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WISE Los Angeles Announces Key Findings From Impact Survey


Women In Sports And Events Los Angeles Announces Key Findings From Impact Survey

 The Inaugural Survey Detailed Key Issues Women In The Booming Sports Industry Face

LOS ANGELES – April 7, 2021 – Today Women in Sports and Events Los Angeles (WISE LA) announced the findings from their WISE LA Impact Survey, a six-phase research and data analysis project conducted in 2020. With increased conversations around equal pay, equity and inclusion, WISE LA felt compelled to further examine the current state of women in the business of sports and events. 

"We recognized there was a need for data to support our ever-growing chapter in making a positive, lasting impact for women in the business of sports in Los Angeles and Orange County,” said former WISE LA President Sarah Musgrove.

"The data that was collected throughout 2020 has painted a clear picture of the greatest needs for women in the business of sports here in Southern California. Everyone's contribution to the project was the first step in influencing where time, energy, and financial resources will be invested to make our industry an inclusive, supportive place for all,” said Musgrove who served as President from 2018 to 2020.

In partnership with The Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and MacKenzie Corporation, WISE LA surveyed 460 people in Southern California and came away with strong findings on representation and the prevalence of harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Key Findings on Representation
- 32% of executive leadership is made up of women as compared to 68% for men. While this is similar to studies of women in the workplace it shows us that the ladder is still broken. 
- Roughly one third of respondents did not feel their employer provides equal pay based on gender.
- Women over 40 were seven times more likely to earn $100K+ than their younger counterparts. 

Key Findings on Harassment and Discrimination
- 66% of respondents have experienced harassment or discrimination the most common of which are gender, age, and race/ethnicity. 
- Of those who experienced harassment, 67% did not take action.

Key Finding on Microaggressions
- Positive work environment experiences are mixed with microaggressions. 34% felt like they had to provide extra evidence of their skills and 32% have heard demeaning remarks about them or someone like them - twice the rate of other studies suggesting higher issues in the sports industry.

“The data also showed us that individuals who experience harassment and discrimination are less open to resources provided by employers and a community like WISE,” said Amanda Carmichael, who served for over a decade on the WISE LA Board. 

“These negative experiences mean women are less likely to see value in career growth opportunities and more likely to perceive disparities in equity,” said Amanda Carmichael. “It is important to address harassment and discrimination in impactful ways as early as possible knowing that individuals become increasingly jaded over time.” 

The results of the WISE LA Impact Project 2020 indicate that the obstacles hindering the progression of women in sports when WISE was founded 30 years ago are still very present today. View the full results from the WISE LA Impact Survey 2020 here.

“Our impact survey gives WISE LA the foundation to reinforce its commitment to empowering ALL women,” said current WISE LA President Ashley Dean. “We started by adding a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion seat to our board and are seeking out strategic partnerships and the creation of educational tools that will support the establishment of inclusive work environments. Through conversations, education, collaboration and action, we will find a more equitable future for all women.” 

WISE — Women in Sports and Events — is the leading voice and resource for women in the business of sports. Through a combination of programming and online tools designed to provoke thought, personal and professional growth, and engagement, WISE works to: Assist women in navigating and accelerating their careers; Help women understand their collective value; Foster peer connections; and Champion the hiring and advancement of women in the industry.


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